"As per the Gazette notification G.S.R. 918(E), published by Government of India on 30th  November, 2015,  which underlines the new category namely “Phytopharmaceutical Drug” includes purified and standardised fraction with defined minimum four bio-active or phyto-chemical compounds (qualitatively and quantitatively assessed) of an extract of a medicinal plant or its part, for internal or external use of human beings or animals for diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of any disease or disorder but does not include administration by parenteral route.’


In the support to this developmental regimen, Herbal Products and Phytopharmaceuticals Monograph Development Subcommittee of IPC, in their second meeting held on 16.10.2019, at IPC, Ghaziabad, recommended to develop the Phytopharmaceutical Ingredient (PPI) category monograph with the support of stakeholders.


In this regard a draft monograph for PPI Category is invited from the stakeholders where defined minimum four bio-active or phyto-chemical compounds (qualitatively and quantitatively assessed) are available in that particular.


Those stakeholders (Relevant industries/Research Institutes/Academic Institutions/Faculties/research students) having expertise in such interest and associated with herbal drug standardization and development activities, may contribute towards the subject and provide acceleration in the progress of nation.


For further queries (if any) and for submission of the draft monograph please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

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