Impurity Standards

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Ebastine: Ebastine Impurity C IMP/02/19 ₹28,000 Each Yes
Ebastine: Ebastine Impurity D IMP/26/18 ₹28,000 Each Yes
Emtricitabine: Emtricitabine Racemic Mixture IMP/07/20 ₹28,000 Each Yes
Entacapone tablet: Entacapone Impurity A IMPE010 ₹28,000 Each Yes
Ethambutol HCl: Meso-ethambutol (RS isomer) IMP/03/14 ₹16,800 Each Yes
Etodolac: Etodolac Impurity C IMP/18/19 ₹28,000 Each Yes
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