Impurity Standards

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Chlorpheniramine Maleate : Chlorpheniramine Related Compound B IMPC083 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Budesonide : Budesonide Related Compound L IMPB038 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Bisacodyl : Bisacodyl Impurity D IMPB040 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Atenolol : Atenolol Related Compound F IMPA073 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Amiodarone Hydrochloride : Amiodarone Impurity E IMPA076 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Amiodarone Hydrochloride : Amiodarone Impurity D IMPA074 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Alprazolam : Alprazolam Related Compound A IMPA075 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Aceclofenac : Aceclofenac Impurity H IMPA072 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Voriconazole :Voriconazole Impurity E IMPV013 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Vildagliptin/Vildagliptin Tablets/Vildagliptin Metformin Tablets : Vildagliptin Impurity B IMPV017 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Vildagliptin : Diazabicycloundecene IMPD061 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Telmisartan :Telmisartan Related Compound A IMPT064 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Pregabalin : Isobutylglutarmonoamide IMPP056 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Pantoprazole Sodium : Pantoprazole Related Compound D & F Mixture IMPP055 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Methylcobalamin : Hydroxycobalamin Acetate IMPH014 ₹11,800 Each Yes
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