S. No. Title Expiry Dates File Format File Size (KB) Date Created
1 Corrigendum Document against the Tender Nos. IPC/Store-C/5314/2020-21 and IPC/5548/2020-21, Both Dated. 31.03.2021 regarding Supply of “CANDIDATE MATERIAL FOR REFERENCE STANDARD” and Supply of “PHARMACEUTICAL IMPURITIES”  30-11--0001 pdf386 09-04-2021
2 Tender for Supply of Candidate Material for Reference Standard (Tender No. IPC/Store-C/5314/2020-21, Dated. 31.03.2021) and Supply of Pharmaceutical Impurities (Tender No. IPC/5548/2020-21, Dated. 31.03.2021) 22-04-2021 HTML0 31-03-2021
3 Tender for Disposal of Old & Obsolete Items 20-04-2021 pdf1,307 31-03-2021

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