Impurity Standards

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Propranolol Tablets:Propranolol Impurity A IMPP065 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Topiramate:Topiramate Impurity A IMPT065 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Sulphamethoxazole:Sulphamethoxazole Related Compound B IMPS034 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Tolnaftate:Tolnaftate Impurity D IMPT070 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Voriconazole : Voriconazole Impurity D IMPV020 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Torsemide Tablets : Torsemide Impurity E IMPT066 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Thyroxine Sodium/Thyroxine Tablets : Liothyronine Sodium IMPL031 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Telmisartan : Telmisartan Related Compound B IMPT068 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Sulphamethoxazole : Sulphanilamide IMPS033 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Sulphamethoxazole : Sulphanilic Acid IMPS032 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Sulphamethoxazole : Sulphamethoxazole Related Compound A IMPS031 ₹11,800 Each Yes
Sodium Valproate/Sodium Valproate Tablets : Valproic acid Impurity K IMPV019 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Propranolol Tablets : Propranolol Impurity B IMPP061 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Propofol : Propofol Impurity E IMPP059 ₹29,500 Each Yes
Prednisolone Acetate : Prednisolone Impurity A IMPP062 ₹11,800 Each Yes
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