IP Reference Substances

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Apremilast IPRSA037 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Amphotericin B IPRSA010 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Armodafinil IPRS/11/18 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Aprepitant IPRS/25/17 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Amorolfine Hydrochloride IPRS/70/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Amoxapine IPRSA004 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Aminocaproic acid IPRS/124/16 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Ambrisentan IPRS/24/17 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Alpha-cyclodextrin IPRS/28/17 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Adenosine IPRS/125/16 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Azithromycin IPRSA013 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Azelnidipine IPRSA078 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Azathioprine IPRS/75/19 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Azacitidine IPRS/19/14 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Atropine Sulphate IPRS/107/16 ₹5,900 Each No
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