IP Reference Substances

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Flunarizine Dihydrochloride IPRSF011 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fluphenazine Deconoate IPRS/20/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fesoterodine Fumarate IPRS/52/19 ₹5,900 Each No
Favipiravir IPRS/56/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fusidic Acid IPRSF020 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Furazolidone IPRS/60/18 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fumaric Acid IPRSF016 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Frusemide/Furosemide IPRS/25/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fosinopril Sodium IPRS/120/13 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate IPRS/30/16 ₹5,900 Each No
Folic Acid IPRS/07/17 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fluvoxamine Maleate IPRSF029 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Fluticasone Propionate IPRSF022 ₹5,900 Each No
Flutamide IPRS/63/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Flurbiprofen Sodium IPRS/61/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
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