IP Reference Substances

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Neotame IPRS/63/16 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Natamycin IPRS/10/19 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Nadifloxacin IPRS/73/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Mupirocin IPRS/16/19 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Modafinil IPRS/47/19 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Metadoxine IPRS/87/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Memantine Hydrochloride IMPM074 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Meloxicam IPRSM001 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate IPRS/37/18 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Mecobalamin IPRSM028 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Lumefantrine IPRS/113/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Lovastatin IPRS/45/20 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Loratadine IPRS/45/19 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Levosulpride IPRS/21/19 ₹5,900 Each Yes
Letrozole IPRS/12/18 ₹5,900 Each Yes
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