Working Time Schedule for IP-2018 Edition

Preparation of list of new monographs/revised tests

Upto Dec., 2015

Drafting of new monographs

Upto June, 2016

Verification of Monographs

Upto Aug., 2016

Preparation of IR spectra’s, Structures, Nomenclature, Category, Dose, Usual strengths, Solubilities, Reagents and Solutions etc.      

Upto Sept., 2016

The whole monographs put on website for stakeholder  Comments 

Upto Nov., 2016

Comments received from Stakeholders

Upto Jan., 2017

Completion of Amendments & Preparation  of Manuscript 

Upto April, 2017

Checking of Manuscript & handover for printing

Upto April, 2017

Release of IP-2018 Edition

Upto July, 2017

Implementation date of IP-2018 Edition

1 Jan., 2018

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